Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Slam Packed

Bible School was a couple of weeks ago, and it was a fun filled slam packed week. Micah loved every second of Boot Camp this year. Every once in a while I still hear him sing "Who's side are you leaning on? I'm leaning on the Lord's side." I'm pretty sure we swam every day of Bible school week. One day we had lunch with the Capes', One morning Ms. Martha, Hannah, and I planned to swim while Micah was at VBC, but the weather wasn't on our side. We hung out and played Sequence instead. We were able to swim in the afternoon, but had such a good morning. Man, I realized how much I miss playing games...... 
We finally were able to pick some blueberries from one of our bushes, but have yet to make a cobbler. 

One day while we were shopping at Target Micah asked to look at flip flops. That was a little interesting to me because I normally buy his flops from Old Navy, but we looked anyway. Micah found a pair of lime green Crocs and just had to have them. Since green IS his favorite color, I gave in. He wears those green Crocs ALL of the time and gets sad when I tell him that he has to wear something else.  
The same day as the Target trip we ended up meeting Sarah and Noah at Costco for a trip and lunch. Sarce ended up signing up for a Costco card. Because I referred her, they gave both of us $10 cash cards. That was nice, but what was even nicer was that the man even gave MIcah one. It was just an empty card, but MIcah had NO clue. He was sure it was a Debit card and told EVERYONE  about it. He said "If I see something that I want, and you won't buy it for me, I'll just use my cash card to buy it." If only it was that easy. Sweet innocent Micah. 

We finally made the trip to the library to sign up for summer reading. We have been a bit behind, but are working hard to catch up :) 

As a perfect ending to the week we went to The Flying Machine for lunch. The weather was Perfect! And Patton LOVED the airplanes! 

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