Monday, June 25, 2012

Play Play Play

We have done a whole lot of playing this summer. We have had people come over to play and we have visited people to play.  One day Eli and Jonathan came to play, and boy oh boy did they have a good time. Five minutes after the play date was over, MIcah passed out. Doesn't he look so peaceful?

Patton's buddy Noah came over one day, and he just couldn't wait to show off his mad driving skills. 
Again, lots of playing took place. I am so glad for good friends. 
I finally moved Micah to a big boy seat. What a step! He's happy as can be. I can not believe how fast he's growing!
Patton, like Micah LOVES moonwalks. He talks about them all the time! He loves to turn the blowers off and on, jump in them, clean them, and he also enjoys helping with the handtruck. He and Micah will be such good moonwalk boys when they get older. Micah is already a little salesman :) 

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