Saturday, June 30, 2012

Birthday Party Time

Last Sunday we celebrated Christian and Ethan. We had a pool party complete with pizza and hotdogs. I was not feeling 100% I had a feeling I had the beginnings of Strep throat. We had a fun time anyway. Mama, still recovering spent the party in bed with her head at a 45 degree angle. She was beginning to get a little bit of her vision back, but was required to not do anything other than sit her her head on her shoulder for 50 minutes out of every hour. :( 
We were able to stay cool in the pool. It has been SO hot. The Rosburys Love Dr. Who, although I know Nothing about the show, I learned a little bit. The cake that the boys chose was a Tardis cake which is a time machine. 
 There was a little boy who had a little curl right in the back of his head :)

Sweet cousins!
And some more pics from the party.

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