Saturday, June 9, 2012

Funny Micah

While singing  The Party Rock Anthem yesterday morning, Micah stopped and I heard him say to Patton "Patton, you better not go to a dance party. If you do, you'll loose your mom!" LOL

Today it was "That would feel good wouldn't it? Cutting the grass with no shirt on, wouldn't that feel good Mama?" I laughed and he said, "No really Mama." I'm still laughing..... Can you imagine?!?!

Nothing can compare to Firehouse and make me stop choosing it.

In the city people can't roast marshmallows because they don't have sticks for the fire. That's why we invited Hannah over. She like to roast marshmallows, but she lives in New York City. 

Not sure if I've already used these....
Micah's hair was getting long in the back and on the sides, but where he cut his own hair in the front, it was growing back really slow. I mentioned this to him and he said "Yeah, it's just like a worm race!" What in the world?!

After finding a picture of Snowflake our old cat who was put to sleep when he was 2, Micah said, "maybe I should take this picture to Ms. Mason (his teacher) So that when she gets to Heaven, she can find her:)

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