Thursday, July 3, 2008

Finished (Finally)

So, it took me 4 working days, but I finally finished painting our bedroom. I know what you're thinking...... 4 days to paint one room! Well I only painted while Micah was napping which gives me about 2 hours (on a good day) to tape, prepare the paint, actually paint, and clean up everything. Another thing that extended the work time was that Stacy hung crown as well as some other trim about 3 inches below the crown (he plans on painting all of the trim and in between with a high gloss white, but has yet to do it) Anyway, the trim under the crown has a very thin bottom and very hard to tape... plus i ran out of tape several times. Even though everything in the room isn't complete, I thought I'd share some pics. Silly me didn't take any before... just after. The total cost of our room makeover cost us a total of $20. Trim= free Tape= free Paint=free (other than the high gloss white, we'll have to pay maybe $15) Paintbrushes and rollers=$5.00 Hip hip hooray!! That is one of the perks of having a husband who works in construction. Next on my list.... Finish the master bath and tile the kitchen.


Matt and Kim said...

It really is great having a husband in the construction business! When Matt was building, we got tile, stone, trim, under counter lights, and many more upgrades to add to our house for FREE! Now that he is going into the firefighting business, maybe we will get free matches!

Kelly Ford said...

I LOVE the color! It looks fantastic! i have to know what it is so i can copy you! haha! Oh, and jeff and i are tiling the master bath next week...uggg...i love the end result, hate living in the construction zone!