Monday, December 28, 2009

Christmas 2009

I feel like December is Always the most busy month of the whole year, and I found myself not blogging very much this month. I missed Every Tuesday Claus update. This year I got a memory card for my camera, a coupon holder, a movie, i tunes cards, all kinds of good stuff (here at my house) At the Rent's I got some cleaning towels, super glue, a Huge pack of sponges, a candle, and some coasters.... not too bad eh? Micah has been SO funny this month, he learned quickly about Tuesday Claus and asked every morning if he had come. Micah Loved Christmas this year and said "This sure is a fun Christmas day." Our first celebration was on Christmas Eve at Paw- Paw's house. We had good food, good fun, and a good time with family. Micah said his part "Jesus is the reason for the Season," and was pleased with himself. He enjoys being the center of attention. We draw names at Paw-Paw's and I got a ton of yummy smelling Bath and Body Works things, Stacy got the New Mario for the Wii (we LOVE it) Micah got a train and Lincoln Logs.
On Christmas morning Micah woke up bright and early and was ready for a fun day. Micah got a lot of neat things this year, he got a play set for the backyard from the Rent's, he got a bike, cars,a garage/ parking deck, train things, a fire truck, dress up things, a shopping cart, Legos.... the list goes on. Needless to say he dosen't want to leave home he just wants to play play play with all of his new things. This year I got a new Video camera. I LOVE IT! I also got Wii Fit and some games, a gorilla pod, more smell good things, I mean I racked up! Stacy's big present this year was a new Ipod. He has had his for a Long time. He loves his new one. He got a lot of gift cards too. On Christmas day after we open our own presents we head to Daph's house. We celebrate there and then eat. Here is the recipient of the Owl this year! Doesn't she look happy?
This year we had the First Annual Gingerbread House Decorating Contest. Anyone and everyone was welcome to enter. Even Rowan made a house/ bomb shelter. The Rents did not join, they were the official judges. Judging was done on categories such as, Most Time Spent, Most Lifelike, Most M&Ms used, Most Creative, Best Yard, Most likely to be lived in.... Everyone won at least one thing. Ours is the one with the Snickers roof.... We won Most time spent, and most lifelike. We all had a lot of fun doing this and are already planning our houses for next year :)

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