Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's not a Holiday Party

It's a Christmas Party for goodness sakes! One of the reasons that I enrolled Micah in the school that I did is because it is Christian run. I love that they have Bible studies, learn verses, pray, and love God. I would think that if you didn't celebrate Christmas, you're probably not Christian. Then why in the world would you send you child to this school? Who knows! Anyway we had a CHRISTMAS party today at Micah's school and I just heard people say holiday way too much. Now that I've gotten that off my chest, we can get to the fun stuff. As you know I signed up to be room mom for Micah's class. Last Monday I realized the party was only a week away. As quickly as I could I typed out some letters to be sent home asking for party money. By yesterday morning.....the day Before the party I only had half of the classes money! That's just CRAZY! I knew good and well that I wasn't going to be the one paying for this party, so I was Very thankful to get the rest of the money yesterday afternoon. I never thought planning parties was so hard. I normally come up with great ideas and just go with the flow, but when you have other parents involved, sometime things get a little crazy! Today went a WHOLE lot smoother than I expected it to go! The children had a book exchange that was fun, we fed them lunch and did several craft activities. Overall it was a great party yet again, it's just the week leading up to the party was extra stressful. Enjoy the pictures of Micah and his class having fun! BTW what do you think about his shirt my friend made for him? I LOVE it! There are a couple more new posts below!

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Amie Kirk said...

Awww... He looks so cute in his shirt :-). I am glad it was done in time for him to wear to his Christmas Party! Oh, BTW, what school does Micah go to?? I always hear you say such wonderful things about it.