Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Father Son Fun

I am SO excited that Micah is finally at an age that Stacy and him can do things together. For one year of his life I needed to be with him for most of the time (not that I had anything else to do) I'm just saying :) Now that Micah is potty trained and for a big part self sufficient, Stacy has no problem taking Micah places alone. Sometimes it's nice to have a quiet house, and I tend to get a lot more accomplished when both boys are gone.
Stacy and Micah love a lot of the same things. Micah is still just a mini Stacy. They both love tools, so when the schedule was released for Lowes kid's workshop, they were on top of it. During the past month, they've been to Lowes, The Home Depot, and Bass Pro Shop building and making all kinds of things. Here they are hard at work on a snowman card holder.

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