Saturday, December 19, 2009

Santa Picture

We were SO happy when we showed up at Photographic Creations last week for our Santa pictures. Santa was back! We go to Photographic Creations twice a year. We go for live Easter bunny pics and Santa pictures. We've done this since Micah was born. We were SO sad to show up last year to find a strange Santa. Not that I have a very good memory or anything, but when I was growing up I don't ever remember having my picture taken with Santa.... I'll have to ask about that. Anyway, I have a small thing with Santas, some of them are just scary. I wanted to give it a try when Micah was tiny just to see how the pictures went. I was So scared Micah would cry the whole time, but he didn't. To me that was wonderful being that Micah cried most of the time. When I met Santa, I loved him! You know how some people are just like that? All of our Santa pics have turned out great, Micah has always bee happy, even last year with the strange Santa. I know as soon as we showed up last year that Santa wasn't right and when I asked I learned that our beloved Santa had recently had a heart attack and wasn't doing pictures due to his health. Well I prayed for him, knowing what a kind man he was, and to our surprise he was back this year! Thank goodness! Have I mentioned that I love this man? I must have told him that at least 3 times during our visit. I asked about his health and he said that this year was a whole lot better than last year. Does his look great or what?


Rosie said...

Nice pictures!

Cecilia said...

They both look adorable! I can see why you like that Santa.