Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Micah's Birthday Party

Although Micah's birthday party was over a month ago, I now have a new and much more usable computer. I had filled up my old computer and couldn't even download one more picture. So now I am going to try to update our lives :) I had a post a while ago Micah's Four, but this one is about his party. Micah chose to have a Curious George party. That meant that I didnt have to order from a magazine or online this year. I was able to find everything that I needed at Party City. The only problem I encountered was finding a cake. I LOVE Publix cakes if I haven't already said that a million times, but they no longer make a Curious George cake, so I had to look harder. Stacy is actually the one who discovered that Kroger had a George cake. Not knowing how the cake would taste, we took a chance. The cake ended up looking good, and going with the theme and all, it just was NO Publix cake by all means.

We celebrated Micah's birthday party before his actual birthday, thinking that Patton would be born early but little did we know we would be several days late. We had a fun time and Micah got a ot of fun presents. And of course everyone loved the pinata.

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Misti said...

Happy belated Birthday, Micah! What a fun party. I'm in the midst of planning Jonathan's party right now. So stressful!