Sunday, September 12, 2010

Patton Brooks

First off, it's Patton, like General George Patton. It's not Peyton, Peyten, Payton, or Payten. I have heard his name pronounced wrong more in his 2 1/2 short weeks of life than I ever imagined. I know that Peyton is a VERY popular name, but can't people read anymore? Sorry for the rant, just wanted to clear that up :)
On with the story of Patton. Feel free not to read if you don't want to hear most of the details, remember, this is for My memory/ blog book. I was due on August 22nd, but since he hadn't made his arrival, my Dr. chose to induce on August 25th. I was very nervous and very scared. Micah came on his own and I had heard about inductions that could take up to 48 hours! I DO NOT like hospitals one little bit, I almost dislike them as much as funerals, and did not want to stay at the hospital for 48 hours prior to having a baby, and then 24 hours more after. Our appt. was at 8:30 on Wednesday morning. We dropped Micah off at school and headed for the hospital. After checking in they finally got us into a room and began the induction around 11:00. Everything was fine and dandy until maybe 2:00. That's when the pain began. My goal going in was to get the epidural if I needed it, but to wait as long as I could before I got it. It was 4:00 when I ended up finally asking for it. This time around I was 6cm. I was 7cm when I went to the hospital with Micah. But I felt like I had waited long enough and wanted to ease a little bit of the pain. Dr. Azizi was the anesthesiologist and he made my day when he entered them room. He gave me the epidural and within 20 minutes I was in Heaven. I felt numbness all the way to my toes, it was wonderful. I never felt that with Micah, with him, they had turned it down and I felt pain still. This labor was Totally different. From 4-6 I was feeling fine. The family came, we laughed and had a good ole' time. 6:00 I began pushing, 6:48 Patton Brooks joined us. I joke that if I had my pregnancy with Micah, and my labor of Patton, then maybe we would have had 3 or 4 children, but I am not a fan of being pregnant at all, so unless God has other plans, The Robinson Family is complete.
Here's part of the baby watching gang :)
Patiently waiting Daddy
Patton Brooks Robinson 8Lbs 12 Oz. 21 inches long Born 6:48 PM
Here's the Best Nurse. We loved her!
Grandmother of 8!
Sweet Hannah was SO excited to meet Patton
PROUD Big Brother
Nut, now the aunt of 8
Our Family of four
He didn't love his bath, but he did love having his hair washed

All clean

Aunt D
Sweet Aiden loves her new cousin
Getting ready to go home


Misti said...

So precious! Thanks for sharing his story. Oh, and how on earth could someone pronounce his name wrong? Craziness. (Love it, btw!)

Kelly Ford said...

Oh my word! He is a doll, Miriam :-) I'm thinking like can people not pronounce patton? i guess the same way people ask if rhyan's name is "rain", "ry-anne", or "rhine". REally? Thank you for posting about his birth. i LOVE birth stories! and ps, i loved my induction... sounds like yours was a breeze as well :-) so happy for you!

Jason and Pamela said...

Precious!! I agree with the other girls...can't believe his name gets messed up, but yes I can. Raleigh is often Riley (maybe if we were in North Carolina they would get it). :)

Cecilia said...

He's precious! I like his name too, people are so silly. I can sympathize too as mine's been pronounced every way under the sun (I'll admit mine's harder to figure out though).

nLk said...

congratulations!!! so excited for yall! he is precious and i'm so glad he's here and healthy!

Josh and Donna said...

he is soooooooo precious!