Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fair Time

There are many reasons that I LOVE the fair. I love the smells, sounds, food, people watching, but at 30 years old, the rides are no longer one of the reasons. I Love to see Micah ride the rides, I love to see him smile SO big, and be so happy, but the rides are no longer for me. I discovered this when Nut and I were offered to ride on the Carrousel for free by a kind Carney. I was sure that I would be sick. I wasn't. I used to LOVE riding the rides. The Gravitron was one of my favorites. I know for a fact I wouldn't make it out of there without being sick now! We went last week with Ms. Martha, Hannah, Daddy and Nut. We had a blast. Daddy wanted to go SO bad last year, and I didn't get the memo, so we didn't invite him. This year I made a note to not forget him. He mostly enjoyed looking at the exhibits and was bored with ride watching very quickly. But at least he got to come.
Here I am with my dream car (not this color). I've never been one to like cars. I prefer to be up high. I like SUVs and trucks, but the first time I saw this car, I decided that I need one :)
It started out fun, but Hannah quickly got bored...
That's more like it :)
Fun on the rides
The Baby Sitters Club

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