Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little Acres Time Again

What would September at Child's World be like without the horses coming to visit? Little Acres farm came and brought the horses again this year for the children to feed, brush, and ride. The sad news this year (the children weren't told) was that Punky Doodle died. He was a horse that they had been bringing to the school for MANY years and was a favorite. He was replaced be "Hannah Montana, who Micah chose to ride. This year, just like like year, Micah LOVED the horses. This year, his class is a whole lot smaller, so the children brushed and rode the horses a little longer. Here's his class this year plus 4 from the 3 year old class :) What a group!
Look what a difference a year makes!
Micah with Hannah Montana. He was a hoot. He kept one hand on his hat the entire time :)
And of course, he had to kiss the horse :)

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