Saturday, September 18, 2010

Patton's First Week

Sweet Patton was born on a Wednesday night, and we were finally released from the hospital on Friday afternoon. When we left the hospital his jaundice was pretty rough, bilirubin level was 8.8 and we were told to put him in the sun and bring him to have it tested again on Saturday. So, we were able to make it to the weekly "Family Swim" at the Rent's house. Patton enjoyed hanging out at the pool (he slept the whole time)
Friday night we were able to go home and finally sleep in our own beds. Saturday morning we woke up and took Patton to have his poor heel pricked again. In the mid afternoon we got a call saying that his bilirubin level had risen to 12. The Dr. told me to begin supplement formula, continue the sunlight, and bring him again in the AM. We ended up spending the night at the Rent's house because Stacy had some work to do. Patton had got his first bath from Mam-ma, and finally met Pam-pa who had been out of town with his Spaceball.
Sunday morning we had to go back to the hospital again. By now the bilirubin level had gone to 16! It was not going down at all. The Dr. wanted to look at him on Monday, and I was trying to prepare myself to go BACK into the hospital. Jaundice is actually a very scary thing, and if not treated it can cause brain damage. I was so scared and did a good bit of crying during those several days. Monday morning we were told that his level was 18! We, of course had to be admitted to the hospital :( Once in the hospital, Patton wore what was called a biliband (nothing like a sillyband) it was used to cover and protect his eyes. Then he was placed under the lights. We were told that the more he was under the lights the quicker his numbers would go down, which also meant the quicker we could go home! We followed the Doctor's orders and only took him out from under the lights to feed and change him. We could only keep him out for 30 minutes at a time. So once every 2-3 hours, we got to see his sweet eyes. It was rough. Way rougher on us than it on him.

Monday was our first night. We were told that first thing (5:00) Tuesday morning, they would come in to check Patton again. I was SO hoping that his level was down to 10! I told all of the nurses that too! They were very surprised and pleased that it had gone from 18, to 14.4 over night. That meant that the lights were working. 14.4 was stll not low enough for us to go home though. We stayed Tuesday and Tuesday night. We were finally released on Wednesday afternoon with a bilirubin of 6! We were so happy to finally be home and all togeter again (Micah had been staying with the Rents)
Here are my boys in their M and P hats made especially for them from sweet Aiden


Kelly Ford said...

My word, what an eventful start to life little Patton has had! And what a stressful week for y'all. I'm so grateful for technology that God has allowed us to have...and for his grace to deal with these kinds of stresses. So glad you all are home :-)

Misti said...

a. He's precious.
b. LOVE the family pic in your header.
c. I'm so glad his bilirubin came down & y'all were able to go home.