Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Eve

This year just like all years past we went to Pa-Paw's house.
Although not everyone showed up, we still packed the basement. It was good to see family that we do not see quite often enough, and even meet the newest addition. My sweet cousin Emily has a son a month younger than Micah, and a darling little girl a month younger than Patton. Not to mention one between :) Isn't she darling?
Micah's personality really came out on Christmas Eve. Before we ate, Micah asked Mama if he could pray. He had asked me several times earlier if "we say a special prayer." (On Thanksgiving, we say Psalms 100) I wasn't sure why he kept asking, but apparently it was because he wanted to pray. Micah has gone through phases where he has wanted to pray all of the time, wanted help praying, not wanting to pray, and now he's back to wanting to pray all of the time. I was not sure what to expect, but he chose a blessing that he learned at school. In front of a basement full of people he prayed "Thank you Father."
After we ate it was time for the children to do their thing. I wasn't sure if anyone had planned any parts this year. The Rosburys had been real sick..... and well, that's the majority of the children now. I didn't have Micah learn part at all, but he really wanted to sing Silent Night, so I let him. Here is Micah singing and Ian saying Luke 2.
After the children said their parts it was time to sing the 12 Days of Christmas. Here is Micah waiting patiently, he was 11 pipers piping.
After we sang, it was present time. Micah was very proud of his nutcracker. He named him Kris Kringle.

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