Friday, December 17, 2010

Ho Ho Ho

Last Friday I took the boys to have Santa pictures taken. As I've probably mentioned in all years past, I LOVE this Santa. He comes to a small studio in downtown Winder. He is the sweetest guy. For Micah's first trip to Santa, I was very nervous, being that he cried most of the time.... I was sure I was going to be paying for a picture of a crying baby. Instead I ended up with a very melancholy Micah. Not happy, but not crying..... he was just there. This year, I was not at all afraid of what Patton would do. I was sure he would do great.... It was Micah that I was worried about. He has become quite the cheesy boy when it's come to pictures recently. I was worried for no reason at all. Look what I got!! I LOVE IT!

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Amie Kirk said...

How PRECIOUS!! It could not be any more perfect! What a sweet memory.