Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day in the country

Since Micah was sick a couple of weeks ago, he ended up missing school for 2 days. When he finally wen back, I got the April calendar that let me know that the following week was spring break! I had NO idea! I didn't have ANY plans because it just came out of no where! We ended up going to the country on Monday to begin getting things read for the Easter Egg Hunt. Mama and Daddy were both there, as well as the Rosbury Clan. Micah played HARD the whole time. I blew leaves. When I say that I blew leaves, I mean it. I blew leaves for almost 5 hours straight. There were enough leaves to cover probably 5 football fields. I really enjoy yard work, so I'm not complaining. The day was perfect, and the help with Patton was just as nice. But Man, my arms sure were sore the next day. I really hoped to get some pics of people working, but I was too busy working to takes pics. Here are a few of my favs took during a water break.

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