Sunday, April 17, 2011

One of my Favorites places on earth

Athens!! I LOVE ATHENS!! For the second Saturday in a row we had NO parties. I was SO excited to be able to go to G Day! We began our day at Stacy's friend Russell's Tailgate Party. Patton enjoyed himself and was seen licking his lips just looking at Russell's ribs!
After tailgating for a while, we headed toward the bookstore where Patton tried on some hats :)
We found Hairy and got to see the Red Coat Marching Band.
We got the Always fun pic on the bridge.
We headed into the stadium to find a seat and met my friend Courtney and her husband and baby Jack. They sat with us and we had a great time. LOVE time with friends and LOVE the Dawgs! Micah enjoyed hoping from seat to seat, eating, and talking to Jack. Patton slept most of the time.
Courtney is pregnant and woke up Saturday morning wanting ice cream..... any excuse to go to Scoops is great for me. So we introduced the Lords to Scoops. Little did I know there is a Scoops in Watkinsville..... So on the way back to the house, we had a yummy treat :) Great ending to a great day!

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