Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Family Fun

As I said before, we stayed in town for Spring Break. Although Nut wasn't on spring break she and Jerms thought it would be fun to invite everyone over for a cookout. They brought a brand new grill and wanted to try it out. Jerms is a GREAT cook. I have yet to have something that he cooked that wasn't delicious. He said that he hadn't really ever cooked on a grill, so it was all brand new to him.
He made 5 kinds of burgers including Gooey Louies, some wrapped in bacon, regular burgers, turkey burgers, and teriyaki burgers..... and some hot dogs too! Feel free to enjoy the process from beginning to end.....

While the food was cooking everyone enjoyed using Nut's Christmas present.... The Basketball goal. Patton enjoyed watching everyone, and even had a visit from Maverick.
Like the mohawk? ;) The food was yummy, as expected, we had a wonderful time and ended the evening with smores by the fire. Fun times with the fam :)

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