Friday, April 29, 2011

Good News

2 weeks ago we had Patton's well check. I choose to delay shots for various reasons, so he just got a couple of his 6 month shots at 8 months. The Dr. had me fill out a basic questionaire and was concerned when I answered one of the questions on communication. Apparently according to one of her handy dandy Dr. charts my EIGHT MONTH old should be putting 2 syllables together. For example dada or baba. I thought that was a little bit strange, but it got even more strange when she told me that she'd like for me to take him to have a hearing screen done. She said that wether or not he passed the screen, she'd still like to see him go through Babies Can't Wait. What in the world?! I almost cried in the office, but I waited until later. After going back and forth over wether or not I'd even have his hearing tested, I thought at least I'd feel better if I had it done. We had an appt. on Thursday and he passed with flying colors. He CAN hear. We will not be doing speech, he'll talk when he wants to talk.... Hmmmm New Dr or not?


Kelly Ford said...

Go to MY dr :-) Pediatric Associates of Lawrenceville. Dr Messick is the BEST! They also have Dr Sheth and Dr Lawson who i love (both are great!) but i personally prefer Dr M. I think they'd be great for you b/c Dr M is a BOY (which, of course, will matter as your boys grow up :-)). We will be switching to one of the ladies for Rhyan's checkups probably in the next year or two, but i'll be glad to still see Dr M with Mack :-)
Anyhoo, i'd rather a dr be overly concerned than not enough, but your dr's concern does seem a bit extreme!
Give PAL a call :-)

Jason and Pamela said...

Very extreme for that young! I agree with Kelly...PAL is wonderful! I can't say enough good things about them!

Aaron, Kerri, Kylie, Karson, Kamden, Karter and Kohen said...

Who did you see?? Are you still at L'ville Peds in Loganville?