Sunday, February 20, 2011


We have such a BIG family, it is so hard to keep up with everyone's birthdays. I can't tell you the majority of my family members birthdays..... I know the months, but that's about all. I do know Mama's, but didn't think anything about it until one of her long time friends emailed me and asked what we were planning on doing to celebrate Mama's 60th! SIXTY?! I had NO idea she was turing 60! Well, as soon as Daphne, Laura, and I read our emails, we began planning a surprise party. We invited all of her friends and family. We planned on having about 60-70 people. Nut, Daddy, and my little family headed to our favorite family shopping spot, Costco on Saturday morning. We bought a ton of food! We prepared and got everything ready JUST it time.
We normally celebrate adults birthdays at Sunday lunch, but we told Mama that maybe it would be easier to have her's on a Saturday night so that Daph's family could come, and we'd probably celebrate Aiden's day on Sunday. We told Mama that we'd have supper at Nut's house on Saturday night when she finished working.
She got there and we had everyone's cars parked away from the house so she had NO idea, but because she heard all of the children playing in the back yard, the crazy lady came in the back door instead of the front door!! SURPRISE!!
She was surprised and had a great time with her friends. I think everyone had a great time other than poor P. He cried most of the time :(
I'm thinking he may be sick AGAIN. Minus my sad baby that wanted to be held by ME the WHOLE time, I think it was a success! LOVE Mama!! She does't look 60 does she?!

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