Monday, January 30, 2012

Gym Dogs

Although I didn't feel much better on Saturday, Sunday, or today..... I HAVE to be better soon! Saturday night was the second home Gym Dogs meet. Micah asked to go last season, and has been wanting to go this year. I thought he'd enjoy it, but then Daphne made me realize, 2 hours is a long time for a child to sit content for something like that.....Especially Micah:) Well, Daphne's family celebrated Cary's day on Saturday and skipped the meet. That meant there were several extra tickets. I thought a 4:00 meet would be the perfect time to take Micah. But before I knew it, not only was Micah going, but so were Stacy and Patton. Nut had a baby shower so she was Very late, but Micah LOVED the meet. He loved the music, Daddy's binoculars, the pom poms, glow sticks, you name it. He did SO good. He only asked once "How much longer." That was about 5 minutes before the meet was over. Oh yeah, we got to our seats 30 minuts before the meet was scheduled to begin. The meet didn't start on time, it began about 25 minutes late. So Sweet Micah was well behaved in his seat for THREE HOURS?! Patton LOVED the music and danced most of the time. He'd walk from person to person sitting in laps. He and Daddy had some good bonding time.Stacy couldn't pass up the cotton candy, and was surprised at what a good time he had.Oh yeah, and we won the meet! Gooooo Dogs!

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