Monday, July 2, 2012

Well, but stuck

Just to be safe, I took myself to the doctor last Monday morning. There are not many things worse than being sick, but being sick during the summer is awful. I saw the doctor who not only did one strep test but 2, just to confirm that I did NOT have strep. I just wanted an answer to why I felt so bad. She told me that it was just a virus and that I should take some Cepacol throat drops. I was able to choose between Honey lemon.....gag me, cherry.... never good for medicine, and mixed berry. The mixed berry sounded WAY better than the other options. After spending $6 on the drops, we left. I thought since we were in the area I'd take MIcah to have his hair cut. We headed that way. I opened the box on Cepacol, and put one of the mixed berry drops in my mouth. It was all that I could do to keep it there until it disolved. It was Nasty. Disgusting! I was sure I would rather have a sore throat than have to suck on that yucky thing. Not even 2 minutes after having it in my mouth, Micah said "That smells like dirty socks!" And it tasted worse. Needless to say, I didn't ever try another one. After the haircut we headed home for a nice long nap. Hoping to feel much better. I didn't. I didn't the next day or the next day either. Finally by Friday I was almost back to myself again. We had quite an uneventful week.
My van has been in the shop now for a week. The air has been messed up for quite some time now, but I decided that I'd get my Explorer fixed first, so that I could have a back up car. We took my Explorer to Cary a couple of months ago. It had began idling rough. Stacy thought it probably just needed a tune up. We had that done, still rough. We ended up having several other things fixed before finding out that it was actually the engine with this issue. At this point we could put $1200 into an engine, or sale the car for parts. The Rosburys offered to buy it from us. That was the good news. The bad news is, now we don't have a back up vehicle, so I'm stuck at home unless Stacy's here. Hopefully the van will be a quick and easy fix..... Otherwise I'm ready to just leave it on the side of the road...... Here's hoping!

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