Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day

Memorial Day is always a fun day for our family. Not only do we get to go to the parade, eat Sonny's, and celebrate Jerms', but it's the first family swim of the year. The pool has been opened for several weeks now, and although Micah has been in a couple of times, I hadn't gotten my whole body in until Monday. And it was Perfect.
Monday morning, we headed to Dacula to save our normal seats for the parade. Finally the rest of our crew showed up right before the parade began. Here are some of the pre parade pics.

Hannah taught Micah how to tie his candy bag on his pants so that he didn't have to hold it:) Doesn't he look so grown up?

 Every one LOVED when the Dacula marching band played and shuffled to "Party Rock Anthem" It was Fun!

Micah was most excited to see the police tank, but it didn't even come this year. He did enjoy seeing his school's float, and his friend Lane on a horse.

I seriously laughed until I cried when Dacula's mayor Jimmy Wilbanks came by. Micah said "Pam-pa, he looks just like you?"

P enjoyed the parade too, and even got to eat a little candy. 

After the parade, and, lunch, we headed to the pool for a nice relaxing afternoon. We ended with singing and cake for Jerms.

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