Sunday, September 23, 2012

My Baby is TWO!

It is SO hard for me to believe that sweet Patton B is Two! I love that baby boy so much! Every day that I get to see him learn or say something new, I am so proud. He is the sweetest little boy! He is so laid back and easy going, but at the same time is so fun. He loves dump trucks, tractors, gators, pretty much anything with wheels, so a Construction party was the way to go with him. 

 Mama suggested that we have his party at The Gathering Place in the country. I went back and forth, although I thought it would be fun to have a hayride, I was afraid that people might not want to drive so far for a party. I thought that it might be hot and miserable. But we decided to have a party in the country anyway. I am glad that we did because it turned out perfect. The weather was perfect, and other than one family of sick boys and Ms. Martha and Hannah, everyone came! We had a lot of fun. 
I made construction hats for PBR Construction Company :)

We had a hayride and played. Everyone had a great time. 

We ate cake and had a pi├▒ata. 

We had planned for the party to be from 4-6, but it was almost 9 when the last people decided to leave..... I think the party was a hit! 

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