Wednesday, September 5, 2012

So ready

I am SO ready to have a computer again! Meanwhile I have rediscovered reading! I would never say that reading is a favorite pastime, but being that I am computer less and I have to be quite while babies are sleeping (I'm keeping a teacher's baby this year) I Do love Nicholas Sparks, but have found another book that I really enjoyed. Mama texted me last week and asked me if the boys would like to spend the night with her over the weekend. No doubt about it. I'm sure Micah would rather live with her..... Stacy and I had No idea what we might do. We thought about going to the football game, we talked about going to look at cars..... We ended up Bra shopping! Not a fun thing for me at all, but much needed. We went to Kohl's and were there for close to an hour and a half, that Never would have happened with little people in tow. We ended up getting a lot of shopping accomplished spent $135 and SAVED $397!!! Not bad eh?! We went to several other stores including the book store. I thought it might be nice to read a book. I had a book in mind but it wasn't in stock, SO I chose a book that Laura and Hannah both enjoyed. I bought Divergent. I was extremely surprised at how much I liked the book. I finished it in 5 days! That is VERY impressive for me! I NEED the next one. I plan to go to the bookstore again tomorrow for Insurgent. So excited, but not looking forward to waiting until the 3rd book is released.....
Stacy and I had a wonderful time spending some alone time together. We got a lot accomplished and after dinner out on Saturday, we came home and relaxed. It was a much needed treat. Thank you Mama!!

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Misti said...

I read Divergent & Insurgent this summer. LOVED both of them! Have you read the Hunger Games trilogy?