Friday, September 7, 2012

Night time

On a typical school night we begin our bed time routine around 6:45. Since Micah is now napless, he is ready for bed by no later than 7 on a school night. We have had quite a time adjusting to the change, but when a boy chooses to be up by 5:45 every morning, I think 7-7:30 is more than fair enough for him to be in bed. On a normal night when Stacy is in town, I take care of P and Stacy takes care of Micah. We meet in the middle for the ending of Micah's routine. When Stacy is out of town, sometimes we just start earlier so that I have enough time to get everything done. After books and prayers Micah has started his own routine of "Puff up" He likes for me to puff up my cheeks one at a time for him to kiss, then I kiss his sweet puffed up cheeks and then we hug. He is a sweet boy when he wants to be :)

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