Monday, September 3, 2012

Curriculum night

I am still computer less... So hopefully blogging through the phone will catch me up a little and hopefully I won't forget too much.....
Curriculum night was last week. I'm still getting used to the not so perfect organization of Micah's school. At open house I received a flyer about curriculum night. The date was August 30th at 6:30. I had planned to go and had Stacy try to arrange to be home with the boys so that I could go. On Tuesday night we received a calling post reminding us of the curriculum night on WEDNESDAY night. Hmmmm, I checked my flyer and my calendar, surely there was a mistake, but to be safe, I called on Wednesday to make sure. It was a mistake, it was actually on Thursday, but now Stacy was in Alabama and wouldn't be home in time to help. Thankfully Mama was able to keep the boys while I went.
When I walked into the school everyone was gathered in the lobby, parents and children galore! I didn't think that this event was for children, but there were a ton of kids there! It was more like a circus than a PTA meeting! After standing around for about 5 minutes there was an announcement telling us to go to our classrooms. Out of 21 kids in Micah's class, only me and one other mom (who brought her THREE wild kids with her) came. I really Love Micah's teacher! If I could have made a list of all of the things that I would love in a teacher for Micah, she would have qualified and exceeded! I felt so bad for her that no parents came. As she talked, I watched, listened, and asked questions. The other mom (poor thing) watched her children the whole time and never even made eye contact with the teacher :( It was interesting to say the least.
I was able to talk with Ms. Greene for a while after the first classroom session was over since no body else came.... She told me how smart Micah is. She told me that if he had gone to BCA, they would have probably placed him in the 2nd grade! I knew he was smart, but 2nd grade?!?! She let me know that he'll be in a first grade reading group and that she'd really like to have him tested for gifted! I'm blogging all of this, not to brag on Micah, but for my own memory. I have known that Micah was intelligent since he was 2, but hearing things like this come from a teacher actually mean a Whole lot to me. She said "I've taught high children before, but he is extremely high." Man I'm proud of Micah. I sure hope he doesn't get bored! Ms. Greene made me laugh when she told me that Micah is always the first one finished with his work. And when he finishes he helps other people around him. The other day she caught him trying to fix someone's work that they had done wrong! What a crazy kid!! I may have to add more as I remember it, but she told me that to go to the first grade the kids have to be able to read 25 words, they had to stop him at 40! Really hoping for a good year!

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