Monday, September 17, 2012


My new computer came today! I am beyond excited, but have A LOT of catching up to do. I'm afraid I have already forgotten a lot, so instead of starting at the longest time ago, I'll work in reverse order.
Instead of having a fundraiser selling wrapping paper, cookie dough, etc. this year, Micah's school decided to host a fun run/5K. Being that I am trying to be an involved parent, we signed up. Micah was the ONLY one in his class to sign up anyone. I signed up our little family plus Daphne and Sarah. I didn't ask Daphne, I pretty much just called her and told her that I signed her up for the 5K and to be ready! LOL We  all had a great time. Traffic was Awful but we arrived before the race began thank goodness. I pushed P while Stacy and MIcah stayed together. We ran the mile. I have not ran a mile probably since high school...... other than in a gym. The mile course was not too bad, it was mostly flat. There was just a little bit off gravel road that we had to run down. Patton loved off roading. MIcah pretty much stayed with us the entire time. If he had of taken off, he would have blown us away. Meanwhile Stacy and Micah finished in 9:15, and P and I were right behind them with 9:25. My only goal was under 10 minutes, I thought that was a fair time. 

Although Sarah has run several 5Ks, this was Daphne's first. She said that she could mark it off her bucket list. Both Daph and Sarce did wonderful, despite a big hill that challenged them both. I am SO glad they ran, we all had a great time. 

Not only was there a race, but there was a festival too. Micah, along with the little Rosburys played some games during the 5K, we all made it back in time to see the girls finish. 

Here is Micah with one of his favorite people at school Ms. Duke! Mrs. Greene disappeared before I got a pic of them together :(


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