Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th on the 5th

This year our family celebrated the 4th of July on the 5th of July. Party Jumps worked two festivals on the 4th, so celebrating was out of the question. While Daddy was with our new Carnival Midway at Gwinnett glows, Daphne, Cary, Stacy and I were at the Horse Park with the Spaceball, Speed Pitch, and 2 moonwalks. We did celebrate on the 5th. We had a pool party with lots of yummy food. I am always looking for new things to make and this is what I made this year....
I made an American Flag bean dip and a Patriotic Jell-O Pie. Both turned out good and everyone enjoyed them.

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Josh & Donna said...

i love that american flag bean dip!! and the matching family shirts, too cute!