Saturday, July 19, 2008

Cats, Claws, and Cars

We have a cat, Snowflake is her name and she is 23+ years old. I'm not sure of her exact age because we've owned her for 23 years, but she wasn't brand new when we got her... so I don't know her real age. Anyway, I thought she was old, but I didn't think that it was VERY rare for a cat to live so long. Yesterday at the vet they made me believe differently. They acted like they'd never seen a 23 year old cat. I am not used to vets. Daddy always took her, until she moved in with us when Stacy and I got married. I have never had to take her to the vet and was a bit nervous. She began limping on Wednesday (not rare for her) but when I looked at her foot, the poor cat's claw was ingrown (it curled and grew back into her foot) It was very sad. So, we took her to the nearest vet (in Winder), because she doesn't like to be in the car and we would all have gone insane listening to her cry in 316 traffic on the way to her vet in Lawrenceville! Well the doctor cut the claw out, and trimmed 2 others that were growing the same way.... $70 later (more than a doctors visit for me) she is doing much better!
After going to the vet and showering off all of the white Snowflake hair we had some more fun. Toys R Us in Buford is moving down the road and is having a HUGE sale right now EVERYTHING in the store, other than video games is on sale 30-40% off! Micah's birthday is in less than a month, so we thought we'd try to find something. Stacy and I don't buy Micah toys. We've probably purchased 5 in his almost 2 years. It's like toys just appear. I thought I'd look at the clothes because I had heard of several people finding deals on clothes. We were able to get him several (6 t shirts) mostly for next summer, and a couple of play outfits. We also got 3 Fisher Price Little people sets, and a Power Wheels Little People Tot Rod for his birthday. Our total that we paid was less than the original price of the Tot Rod. We paid under $140 for all of that stuff (with the help of 2 coupons) The next markdown is on Sunday night. I might be making another trip next week :)

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