Monday, July 7, 2008

Have you ever......

Have you ever just walked up to a stranger and given them money? I'm not talking about a Girl Scout, or a Shriner, or someone else taking money on the street... I'm talking about someone just standing near you in line. Well, maybe I'm the only one not doing this.... but last night Stacy, Micah, and I went to Wendy's for dinner. (Micah has been trying to catch up on sleep from the past several days and took a nap until 6:30, which meant I didn't cook supper) We ended up getting to Wendy's at 7 or a little after, and there was a line. Who eats supper this late? Not us! We typically eat between 5 and 6. Anyway, while we were waiting in line, there was an older gentleman in front of us who turned around and handed Micah a dollar. This is the first time that this has happened. I mean strangers used to want to hold him when he was little, but no one has just handed him money. The gentleman told Micah to have his parents take him to the store to buy him some candy, he also said "don't let your mom go shopping with it." Well, we put the money (which Micah was most excited about) in his pocket and ordered our food, and you'd think that was enough, but that wasn't all. We sat down to enjoy our food and Micah found a friend behind him that he wanted to talk to. She was talking to some one about fireworks and Micah told her "Boom boom Mam-ma" that meant that he saw fireworks at Mam-ma's house. I relayed the message to the girl and went about eating. Micah kept looking at the girl throughout the entire dinner. ( No I didn't let him stare, I kept making him turn around and eat his food) Well, when she had finished and left, I asked Micah why he watched her so much... I asked him if he liked her, he said "no" I asked him if he thought she was pretty, he said "no" then I asked him if she was a hot chick, to which he repeated "ot chick" What in the world..... No more late nights at Wendy's for us!

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