Thursday, July 10, 2008

Blog Happy?

I'm not sure whether I'm blog happy, picture happy, or just happy, but here goes my second, and last blog of the day. Micah's nap didn't go so well today. I laid him down, wrote about it, and checked my e-mail (all the while hearing him cry.) He has never been one to "cry it out" or maybe I just never figured out the right technique. In short he cried for 30 minutes until Mama came to his rescue. He kept saying "eat eat." So I fed him. After lunch we played for a while and he became very whinny, so I tried yet again to lay him down. He only cried for MAYBE 1o minutes and then there was silence. I began working on his Birthday invitations, and he slept. I don't have one of those fancy moniters where I can see him sleep/talk/play in his room, and his door was closed. So I thought, maybe if I go outside I can peek into his window.... and I tried.... until my neighbor came out of his house and yelled across the street "Window peeker!" I had to run to him to tell him to HUSH... I have a sleeping baby! I chatted with my neighbor, checked on my plants, and went back inside to find Micah.... in the kitchen... in the dishwasher.... filling cups full of water from the fridge and pooring them onto the floor. I didn't have a puddle, I had a POND in my kitchen floor! But at least he took a nap! We enjoyed playing and reading all afternoon, until we heard thunder (or as Micah would say sawa... we're not sure where this comes from) Anyway, Micah LOVES the rain and was very excited when it began to rain at our house. So I let him play.... Look at this!

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