Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Oh my goodness!!!

I can not stop scratching!! I went outside for about 10 minutes. I checked my watermelons, threw some limbs into the woods, and pulled some vines. 10 minutes tops and have have at least 20 mosquito bites! I can't stand mosquitos!! I seriously can't remember ever being bitten like I am now! I think it all has to do with carrying a baby boy in my belly, because I promise BM (before Micah) I never remember mosquitos loving me so much! I always used to give Stacy a hard time about mosquitos loving him, and I told him they didn't like me because I was so sweet, or that he needed to wear women's lotion.... well either the lotion no longer works, or I am no longer sweet, because they love me now. And now I know why Stacy is so miserable outside during the summer!! I am ready for FALL!!!


Matt and Kim said...

They eat me up in our yard too! I HATE them! How are the watermelons coming along??

miriam said...

The watermelons are actually doing pretty good (thanks to the little bit of rain we've gotten in the past couple of days) I only planted 12 mounds this year... it was my first year back at is since Micah was born. As of right now I believe I have about 3 plum sized ones and 4 or 5 that are a little bigger than a bean. Deer have eaten 3 of plants, so I'm down to only 9. I'll keep you updated for sure!