Thursday, January 20, 2011

Fun so far

And it's only Thursday. On Monday we celebrated MLK day by doing a little shopping at the mall and we also got Micah a MUCH needed hair cut. My Old Navy trip was very successful and I was able to get $444 worth of clothing for $83! I got several gifts, but mostly things for the boys and man in my life. I very rarely ever buy things for myself and this trip wasn't any different and I even looked. I would love a new pair of black dress pants to wear to church.... no luck in my size on Monday. Maybe next time. Take a look at my finds!
Tuesday Micah went back to school!! He was so excited, but so was I. The boy needs school and Loves it (for now anyway) After I dropped him off, I headed to the mall again. This time it wasn't to shop. I met my dear friend Sarah and Noah. And we mall walked. Sarah had never mall walked before and was surprised at the number of people who did it. When Micah was a baby, Mama, Ms. Martha, and I walked at Discover Mills several times a week..... Those were some good times. I Really need to be back at the gym, I want to be back at the gym, but finding time is an issue. Our gym doesn't offer child care, so I'd either have to hope that Patton would sleep in his car seat while I worked out or go when Stacy comes home, but sometimes (most times recently) it's been late. Needless to say the mall walk did this body good. Plus, it's always fun to catch up with a god friend.
I have several friends who all had babys around the same time that I did. One of them only lives 10 minutes away, but or babies had yet to meet until today. This morning while Micah was at school my friend Courtney came over and brought little baby Jack. Jack is 2 weeks older than Patton and is a sweet little thing. We had a great time chatting and catching up. It was a good day! Did I mention Patton slept through the night for the first time last night?! I hope it wasn't just a fluke.... I hope it's the beginning of many more restful nights for me. Micah was sleeping through the night at 4 weeks, Patton is almost 5 months! I'm ready!
Tomorrow we have a play date with a boy in Micah's class. The mother seems really nice, and not only has a son Micah's age, but has a baby too.... I think he's 9 months. Looking forward to tomorrow and a fun weekend too..... maybe.

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