Sunday, January 16, 2011

Snowed in

Although I really thought that we'd get some more snow when the weather men starting giving warnings, I wasn't real sure how it would end up. I prepared and bought some extra food just in case. At the birthday party, the Rents invited us to come stay with them. We thought about it, for a little bit, but when I brought up Sims' Hill to Stacy he decided that we'd go. After the party we headed home to pack. It wasn't a quick and easy task. I had never packed for snow before, especially not knowing how long it would last, and not even knowing if we'd have power. We showed up at the Rent's shortly after supper, put the boys to bed and it began to snow. Between the time that the boys were put to bed and time that we went to bed, the ground was covered with snow! It was falling so quickly! On Monday we woke up, ate, and got dressed for the snow.

We played and played and played. We all took turns sledding down Sims' Hill. We took a walk down to the road and had a fun morning.
We came in for lunch and naps and ended the afternoon by taking a walk down to the lake. Stacy had never seen the lake, so I thought it would be fun to take a hike in the snow. We bundled up again, and off we went. It's a good hike down hill to get to the lake, but once we got there, I knew it was worth it. It was beautiful. With no snow/ ice it is far from beautiful.
We ended up staying at the Rent's house all week. We had a lot fun, but eventually we had to get back to real life....
It sure was fun while it lasted, and we kept power the whole time which makes it even that much better :) This snow was no where near snowman making material. We couldn't even make a ball on Monday morning, and by the afternoon, it was ice. You know what they say though, if snow stays on the ground more than 3 days we'll have another snow.... Maybe we'll be able to make a man next time.

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