Friday, January 7, 2011

The Spicy Biscuit

Not Chick-fil-A's either, although it is quite delicious if I do say so myself. Long before Chick-fil-A
announced that they would be introducing a spicy chicken sandwich, or the new spicy chicken biscuit, Micah had made plans to open a restaurant called "The Spicy Biscuit." I'm not sure what all he'll serve there, but he does plan to deliver. He even pointed out a truck similar to the one he'll use one day. It was an old work type pick up truck complete with wooden rail sides :) Micah is already saving for his business and all of the money that he gets goes into the "Spicy Biscuit Fund." He has decided that most everyone that he likes will work there. He has appointed cooks and servers.... I get to deliver. The restaurant will be in North Georgia, but Micah plans to deliver everywhere, just the other day he said that he'll deliver to Alabama because, "people in Alabama eat biscuits too." Man I love that boy.... I'm just ready for him to be off of this amoxicilin for his ear infection. He is EXTRA hyper while taking it, I just want my normal hyper, semi-obedient Micah back :)

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