Thursday, January 6, 2011


Who would have EVER thought that it would snow on Christmas day in Georgia? Not me. It was the first time in what 120 something years? Stacy was so excited. He Loves the snow and would rather live in the mountains somewhere so that he could be in the snow a whole lot more. Not me! I think it's all fine and good for a day or two, but then bring back the warm weather! It didn't really begin to stick here until late in the afternoon. Right before bedtime I had Micah go out for a picture, just in case it was gone in the morning we could have picture proof that it snowed on Christmas :)
The next morning this is what we found!
We didn't allow Patton to play in the snow, we brought him out for out for pictures and took him in to nap.

By the time I got back outside, there was a snowball fight already in action. It got bigger and bigger. All of the neighbor kids joined in. All kids against Stacy. It was fun to watch.
The morning was filled with snowballs, snow angels, and fun.
No snowman this time..... Stacy is thinking it will snow again soon. We'll see........

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