Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kind of sad

Micah is growing up. He can now say his Ls. I miss him saying Aunt Ya Ya, and eweven (11), and I wuv you. He says a lot of things more clearly now than he did even last week. It's a little bit sad to me. But he still says things that just crack me up. The newest thing is Patton's exersaucer..... For some reason uknown to me, he calls it a "bunger seat." What in the world? I don't know, but Micah LOVES Patton. Everyday, I am just in awe of how much Micah loves him, and as of right now the feeling is mutual :) Patton watches Micah all of the time and even laughs at him sometimes. I love our little family.

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Misti said...

So sweet. I know exactly how you feel. Jboy is also growing up too fast. How do we make it stop?