Monday, January 10, 2011

Fun Today (Yesterday)

I learned that Fireman rain boots may have not been the best idea. I was woken up before 7:30 on a Sunday morning to the sound of sirens. Micah thinks he needs to sound like a firetruck while wearing them :)

Micah found the fake wedding ring that I had to wear when my fingers were SO swollen when pregnant. He was so excited and told me that he wanted to get married. I asked him who he'd marry and he told me he would marry me. Then we proceded to get married, which for Micah consisted of holding hands and walking around in circles (similar to ring around the rosie) After we were married, he put the ring on his finger and that was that. :)

The most exciting part of our day other than the wedding was a birthday party (post later) Two of Daphne's girls were celebrated. Micah was SO excited that Terren and Belle were having a party. He even chose their presents. We had Cracker Barrel for lunch and Micah made sure to tell EVERYONE who we came in contact with about Terren and Belle's party. ALL he could do was talk about the party which was at 2:00. From sirens at 7:30, to non stop birthday talk from an extra hyper boy we had an exciting day for sure....only to end with snow :)

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