Monday, January 31, 2011

More Micah

Micah is a hoot and everyone that comes in contact with him gets a kick out of him. The boy cracks me up. Last week one night we were planning on going out to eat. Patton was a little fussy and I asked him if he just wanted to stay home while we went out to eat. Micah said that "Maybe he could stay with Randy (our neighbor)" (I always threaten to make Micah stay with him.... although he's a nice guy and we really like him, he would be far from a great babysitter and Micah knows that) I thought Micah's response was funny so I asked how Randy would feed Patton. He quickly responded "with a mug" (This is very funny because Randy likes to drink) I said, "a mug?" And Micah said "Yeah, a milk mug." LOL I said do you mean a bottle. Micah said, "oh yeah, a bottle." LOL "Milk Mug."

Micah recently was playing his ipod and downloaded a game called Christmas Tap Zoo. Then ended up making an "in app purchase" This meant that he needed no password. Once he was playing the game, he could buy "extras" for the game. He ended up buying a "satchel of coins," He bought this fake money with my real money. Overall he spent $50!!

While playing outside yesterday Micah went over to Randy and pulled up his pants leg showing Randy his scratched up knee and said "I really wish I had a boo boo book so that I would know what happened."

Last night while Micah was supposed to be in bed, he got up and came into the kitchen because he was needed a drink. I told him that he needed to go back to bed, and stay in his bed and go to sleep. He sometimes thinks that in the middle of the night that he needs to join us in our bed. I told him that he needed to sleep in his own bed. To which he responded "maybe my feet won't walk in your room tonight."

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