Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Friday through Monday

As I got ready to blog about Mother's day, I realized that there were several other things that I had forgotten. Thanks to my pictures, I remembered. We had our dear friends over for dinner last Friday. Due to crazy schedules and the fact that Theresa has been in school, we haven't gotten to spend as much time with the Brays as we would like. At the last minute I decided to invite them over for a cookout. They were happy and came. We ate yummy food, put the backyard and the basketball goal to good use. We had a great time with our old friends. 
Saturday was a slower day for Party Jumps, so we were able to get some things done around the house. We stayed close to home and got to have dinner at Micah's favorite Mexican joint, and since it was so nice, we enjoyed dinner on the roof.

Sunday was a fun day. We had planned to go to the country and put Mama's area "The Gathering Place" to use. Mama had invited all of us sisters plus our in laws to come. Although I didn't think Stacy's parents would come, he invited them anyway. Well, they didn't come and neither did Cary's parents :( Mama tried...... Jerms' side of the family came and it was So good to see Ms. Cindy and Mr. Jeff. They are so sweet.
Well, the gathering at "The Gathering Place" was changed at the end of the week, due to the expected rain. It was much better. We gathered at Daphne's instead and stayed as dry as possible.  I was able to catch a quick shot of Ms. Cindy and her boys.

And then some more from the rest of the day. 

After we left Daphne's my boys took me to Long Horns to celebrate. I had a great day! I can not wait to share what I got! It's a Mother's Day/ anniversary present in one and I am Super excited! It comes this FRIDAY!! YAY!
Well, the 14th has come and gone. I've had it on my calendar for 2 months now:( Monday was registration at BES. Micah is going to be a kindergartner. 
I can not believe it! I was a little nervous, but things went very smoothly. It wasn't crowded at all. Micah was taken from me as I filled out all of the paper work. They told him that he was going to play some games.... Really from what I gather it was more like tests. They checked his vision, his hearing, had him count, but asked him to stop at 39? He told them some colors and shapes. LOL I know he's ahead of the game, but I know we've decided the best thing. The total time that we were there was 45 minutes. I did it, I registered him, but I still question all the time, is this the right decision? I think it is, but I'm scared to loose my baby boy:( That's all for now.....

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