Saturday, May 5, 2012

Graduation (Tear)

Although we still have a couple of weeks left of school, last night was Micah's end of year program/ graduation. We were a little rushed to make it in time, Stacy has been in Alabama this week and barely made it home from picking up his truck from the shop, before running out the door again. Throughout the day I must have heard "Mama, you will be so proud when......" a million times. Micah was SO excited about the program he could hardly stand it. It is probably a surprise that Micah loves to be the center of attention  ;) So this was right up his alley. I put Stacy in charge of finding us good seats while I took Micah to the back to get dressed in his cap and gown. I snapped this sweet picture as soon as Eli and Micah were dressed and ready to go. 

I headed to our seat and was able to chat with Heather for a while before the program began. Here are future Child's World students learning how it's done:)
Ready or not, here they come..... Yep, that's Micah waving BIG to hi fan club. Man, he cracks me up! He seems a lot like a politician to me :)

 Here is sweet Eli. He had the Best part of the program. He got to say the Lord's Prayer. He did awesome. I'm always surprised at how brave the children are! 

And here's Micah and his continent group. 
Being announced and walking across the stage. 

The whole graduating class (Tear)
Micah with Ms. Mason (Love her)
And oh, how sweet.  Nicco has been one of Micah's besties since Ms. Scott's 3 year old class..... Oh sweet memories. Look at these little guys (Tear) 
Here they are are all grown up. Man we're really going to miss this guy and his sweet family!
Eli, Eli, Eli. He has got to be one of the best friends for Micah to have. He is so kind. He is one of the most caring boys I've ever met, he is simply sweet. Micah needs friends like Eli. Oh sweet Eli. He gave Micah a back pack after the program. He chose the wrapping and the card and everything. Micah was super excited, he left the bag on his bag all night. What in the world are we going to do without Eli:( 

Here are the 3 friends all together. So sweet! (Look at silly Halle peeking in the background)

And the rest are pictures of Micah with his fan club. We had a great night!


Amie Kirk said...

How Precious! Micah looks so proud in all those pictures! It is hard to believe how fast they grow up! Liam will be there in just a couple more years. I know I will be a mess!

Karen said...

I am in denial, Miriam. Complete and utter denial. Our boys WILL be back at Child's World next year.