Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Well, of course our weekend consisted of moonwalks, because that's what we do best. On Saturday between moonwalks we house hunted. Oh I found one that is great! Just a tad more than we'd like to pay, but close to the area we've looked before. It was pretty new, and already had an in ground pool and hottub..... Nice. On Sunday, we got to attend the birthday party of an old friend of mine's little girl. We've been friends since the 5th grade, but lost touch after high school. Found each other on myspace, and have kept up with one another through Facebook. She lives in Maysville and wants us to move to the county SO bad. She only mentioned it several times on Sunday;) I'd LOVE to be her neighbor! She super sweet, but I compare her to Dr. Phil, because she tells it like it is. She cracks me up! We headed North after lunch, but got there a whole lot quicker than I thought we'd get there, so we decided to go to the park for a while to waste time. We had a BLAST! Boys, water, sun, all was good!

We hung out for a while before heading to celebrate sweet Maggie.  We don't feed Patton a lot of sweets, so he was in Heaven when he got to have a cupcake. He LOVED every single bite..... of the icing:)

We ended up spending most of the day with sweet Ashley and her family. Before we knew it, it was supper time. We all headed over to Commerce for Mexican. Although I am supposed to know Ashley's husband from school, I just don't remember him, but Stacy does. He went to school with Kevin too. Kevin's grandmother was even Stacy's teacher one year! During dinner we were talking about some of my family that lives in Maysville. Come to find out, not only do they know each other, they used to live down the road from one of my cousins! And not only do they know my family, come to find out, Kevin's great aunt, married my great uncle! CRAZY huh? Ashley and I were super excited to find out that we're cousins by marriage!

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