Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Strawberry Picking, Finger Licking

After weeks and weeks of everyone other than us going to the strawberry patch, I decided that we'd go. We went last week and the weather was Perfect! Although we've talked about going in the past, we never have gone. Micah does not care for strawberries at all. Patton, on the other hand LOVES them. Micah was super excited about picking strawberries and even more happy about the thought of "skipping nap." Stacy had a short day so we picked Micah up from school, went out to lunch, then we headed to the Strawberry patch. There were only a couple of other people there picking and that was great! I was worried that there would be little or no berries left, Boy was I Wrong. There were a ton!

Micah chose the row, and off we went!
Patton learned how to pick.

Then he learned that he could eat them!

Double fisting the strawberries!

Stacy found all kinds of neat ones!
After a quick break, and some pictures of P's messy face, we headed home. $10 worth of strawberries and skipped nap. Everyone was happy :)

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