Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Recent notes

Just a couple of the notes I've taken lately....
We had dinner at a friend's house. She was drinking wine. Micah asked, "Mama, what is that?" It's grape juice. "That grape juice smells really gross." It's fermented grape juice.
Nice explanation?

After supper one night I said "Oh, I am not well." "what's wrong mama? Do you have a jet pack joy ride in your tummy?"
What in the world?!

Micah out of the blue: Mrs mason told us they can't teach bible in public schools. Am I going to a public school? "yes you are" well I think I should take my bible to school to let my teacher to read so the kids know all of the bible stories. " that would be really nice, but the teacher won't be able to read them.....
We are still discussing this one, especially after a little girl in Micah's class told him that "God doesn't love the children." :(

Micah : I'm so excited about today! I get icecream, I get to go to the pool, AND I get treasure box!!!
Patton responded "TJ Maxx TJ Maxx!!!"
These two are SO very different!!

While picking Micah up from school the PE teacher said "I just love that Micah. He's so animated."
Man, is that not one of the Best explanations of him?! Animated!

After telling Stacy that my van was having issues Micah said "maybe it just ate too much and was doing jumping jacks to feel better."

"I never want to ride the bus now. I know Mason uses the bathroom in his britches? And that's gross! I don't want to sit in it!"

"The next time you go to the store would you buy some fruit loops and some apples? Those seem to be popular snacks this year." :)

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Amie Kirk said...

This made me laugh! Your boys are so sweet!