Monday, October 1, 2012


This morning was Micah's conference. I have been worried about this one. This is what would determine whether or not I would mention the possibility of ADHD to his pediatrician at his next check up. (We have been having a difficult time at home recently)  Although I love his teacher, I'm just not sure how he's been doing at school. He has had to move his name several times already this year and miss out of recess and even had silent lunch :( Because this teacher has no reason to care about my feelings (or maybe not as much as Child's World) I knew that she would be honest. Basically this is what I took away from the conference. He is smart, (gifted actually) works quickly, exceeds kindergarten standards, is a great reader, and likes to talk. She said he has fine behavior. She said he is polite and likes to explain things. He has already been placed in Accelerated Reading 6 weeks into school. This is typically for 1st grade and up. He is reading 2nd grade level books and getting 100s on the tests. She has already talked with the gifted teacher and he'll be tested for that soon too! I have been majorly blessed with a smart boy. We prayed for a long time for a smart boy, and now I don't know what to do with one! Busy. Busy. Busy. He HAS to stay busy. This makes my job as a parent even harder. Micah typically wakes up between 5-6 daily (even weekends) He does not take a nap at school (half of the kids do sleep, but there is WAY too much going on for Micah to sleep) which means he is exausted by the time I pick him up. Bed time is early because the boy NEEDS sleep. Therefore our time spent together either I'm sleepy, or he's sleepy...... We try our best to be nice to each other :)

I got this email forwarded to me today from a teacher at Micah's school to Laura (who is a teacher at the middle school)


Laura: Haha. He’s one of my favorite people ever too! I hope he’s not getting into too much trouble because he’s bored! He reads better than his book buddy!

Teacher: UM…yes I was helping out in Art this morning and I had an EQ on the board… How can I identify shapes?

So, I went out on a limb and asked who could read it. He raised his hand so I figured I would guide him through it…only to find that he read the ENTIRE sentence WITH EXPRESSION BY HIMSELF!!!!

I couldn’t believe it…he is so animated and I love him!

Talk about having my day made! I am so happy that the people at the school Love my boy! You can not even imagine how much it means to me!


Matt and Kim said...

Is this an okay time to say..."SEE, I TOLD YOU SO!" Haha!! Any teacher would LOVE that kid!

Aiden Rosbury said...

Awww!!!!! He's so sweet!!! I bet you're so proud!!! :) Xoxo