Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Fall Break

Fall break began last week. Micah got Friday off of school. We celebrated by hanging out with Sarah and Heather and children in the morning. We made sure to make it home in time for naps because I scheduled Micah's 6 and Patton's 2 year old pictures for Friday night. We used a girl named Lizzie this time because I won a Cheap session. I'm hoping some pictures turn out good. Saturday was a slam packed day at Stone Mountain. We had a total of 3 jobs between 10-7. While I worked Stacy and the boys climbed the mountain. They had a great time. 

I was exhausted and couldn't wait to do NOTHING on Sunday. We had a very relaxing day, it was really nice. The only reason that we left then house was to meet Daddy and Nut for lunch. Ahhhhh
Monday was so much fun. We celebrated Eli's birthday with his family minus dad. Eli is so funny. The last time I talked with Ms. Karen about his party, she said that for his birthday he wanted to ride in an RV. I guess he had some change of heart because he ended up inviting Micah to the aquarium. I asked Mama if she could watch Patton while we went, but she hadn't been yet and wanted to go. She told Laura about it, and she wanted to go too. So it was The Capes' Mama, me and my boys. We had not been since before Patton was born so it was quite a treat. Since our last trip, the Dolphin show had opened. That was by far my most favorite part of the day. I want to swim with dolphins SO bad! Although Patton won't tell us his favorite part, I think he liked the dolphins too. on the way home he kept singing "Higher Higher," the song that was sang during the dolphin show :)

We had a great time! One of the funniest things that happened was right after lunch. Knowing that we wouldn't be near a restroom, I told Micah that we needed to go. I took him in with me. Patton felt the need to go too. While fighting with P to keep the door closed, Micah went to the bathroom, finished, and washed his hands. By the time I could get out, Micah had found something that he thought was really neat. I kept hearing him talk about "Free Netflix" while I was washing my hands. Then he asked me for 25 cents for "free netflix" I told him that I had NO idea what he was talking about, and that you don't have to pay for free things. Then he realized that was true when he turned the knob and didn't get "netflix," but a napkin. A sanitary napkin! I could not help but laugh!! It didn't end there though, once he figured out that he could just turn a knob and get something for free, he also got a tampon. Thankfully Ms. Karen took it from him, but he kept asking for the "circle thing" back. What am I going to do with that boy! LOL What a fun fun day!!
First thing this morning I met a friend of mine for breakfast to sell her my Cricut. While I was saying good bye, Micah made a couple of phone calls. By the time I got back into the car, Micah let me know that not only was he going to the country with Mama, but he also was having her pick up a Rosbury too. That boy has a mind of his own. Thankfully we had no other plans. By the time we got home Mama and Terren came to pick up Micah. They did indeed spend the day in the country while I put Patton down for an early nap hoping to spend the afternoon doing some shopping with Nut. Patton ended up sleeping most of the day. Needless to say, I got some cleaning done. We were able to hit up Hobby Lobby this afternoon and went to trivia with Laura and her friends tonight. Stacy is off tomorrow, so I'm thinking we might have some more fun!

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I LOVE your glasses Miriam!!!!!!