Monday, October 15, 2012

Family Day

We had a Blast at the aquarium, but Stacy was so sad that he couldn't go due to work. He was off on Wednesday, so we decided to do something fun as a family. I gave Stacy a list of 6 things that I thought would be fun for both Micah and Patton. We ended up heading to Gainesville. After a delicious lunch at Cheddar's, (a place Stacy has been wanting to try,) We headed to the INK museum. When I described it to Micah he was excited, when he actually got inside he was SUPER excited. He had a Blast! We spent close to 3 hours visiting business after business. At the end of our trip I asked Micah what he liked the best he said the store, the post office, and the Diner (which was not surprising since he plans to be a restaurant owed when he grows up) He also liked the bank a whole lot. 
Future Mail Man?



Diner owner?




Court Recorder?

Worker bee at the grocery store?

Take a look at Patton's cart! 3 cartons of ice cream! LOL

Patton kept going back to the talking hen. It SO reminded me of the ones they used to have at grocery stores when I was little!
 What a fun day! We ended the day by putting the boys to bed early after they both missed naps and we laughed at our free RedBox rental of "Dinner with the schmucks." 
The rest of our fall break was simple. Thursday, we mostly stayed home. Friday we hung out with Brayden and Noah. Saturday Stacy spent the day with the boys while I did moonwalks with Daddy. Sunday, more moonwalks.....And back to school today. 5 weeks until Thanksgiving break!

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