Friday, May 27, 2011


If you've already read my last post, you know that Micah went to the dentist this week. I thought we had taken pretty good care of his teeth, but was still Very nervous. I was SO scared that he'd have a cavity, or more than one. Micah did very good for his x-rays.

Note, I dislike going to the dentist with a passion. I LOVE the feeling of having clean teeth, but ever since I was Micah's age, it's been one of the worst experiences for me. I have a VERY bad gag reflex and Always have a hard time. I have to remind myself to breathe through my nose, if I don't I gag and have been known to vomit right then and there. Through the years I have learned that the gag reflex is worse in the morning, so I never have morning appts. But enough of my issues.... Micah did great! Here's Micah before Thinking he had clean teeth.
Micah sat fairly still and the hygienist was finished within 10 minutes. I only wish it were that quick with me :) I got more nervous when I heard the dentist speaking with the boy next door who was Micah's age. He was talking about crowns, and being sedated. I was sure this man was going to try to take us for everything we had.
Overall we had a very pleasant experience. Micah had spotless teeth.... NO CAVITIES! I was So happy. I never had my first cavity until college, hopefully Micah can either follow in my footsteps or do better :)

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